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Creating the Match Programme

This is a guide to putting together the Match Programme:

Firstly, open the MS Word version of the programme and save it as a new file name based on the visitors name, e.g collierswood.doc. Then work on this new doc only.

1. Cover

Date and time should be updated. They are in text boxes overlaid on the background image. Careful they don't get moved during the edit.

Visiting team name is held in the File | Properties | Title field. Update that. Click OK. Right click on Visiting team name and click Update Field. May need to reduce point size for long team names.

Visitors logo should be downloaded from their website. Click on logo on cover (may need 2 clicks).
Click Insert | Photo | Picture from file and browse to find new logo. Click OK. Old logo should be replaced by new one.

If necessary, update the competition name.


2. Foreword

Ask Mark to provide you with updated words. Copy/Paste


3. Sponsors/Adverts

Occasionally check that sponsors list is up to date.

Update logos as necessary.


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Team Sponsors

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